• We mobilize the passion of individuals, teams, organizations and communities to clarify and achieve their purpose:  greater productivity and profits.
  • We offer the highest quality facilitation, training, coaching and organization development consulting services worldwide.
  • We cultivate a safe and dynamic environment to capitalize on productive energy.
  • We tailor training, coaching, and facilitating to your precise needs and integrate them into a holistic solution for practical results.
  • We “model” the skills and strategies we share with you.
  • We deliver leading edge, experiential, practical and fun training.
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning.
  • We produce CDs, books and other learning aids.


HPCI team members succeed where others have failed because we use approaches and methodologies that respect the human processes of learning and changing behaviours.

We know that people do not change attitudes, improve skills and strategies, or adopt new organizational initiatives simply because new information is downloaded.

For all of our services, we offer customized packages including preparation, delivery and follow-up.


    We analyze the learning needs of the organization, team, and potential participants, and then develop the right mix of learning experiences to meet those needs.
    We design, collate, and analyze pre-workshop questionnaires and conduct interviews. Low cost/high yield tools to:

    • Ensure that the learning, coaching or facilitated session precisely meets the needs of the actual participants in the room;
    • Determine issues critical to the success of the workshop or others likely to be obstacles to that success;
    • Engage the participant in the learning process before the workshop begins;
    • Use responses to ensure commitment to and a sense of ownership in the workshop and workshop results;
    • Identify other important workplace or organizational issues which may not have been addressed.
  • SELF-EVALUATIONS In many cases, participants complete self-evaluations to focus on the portion of the learning experience that most effectively addresses personal, team and/or organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • READING In some cases, pre-workshop reading material or online research prepares the participants for a richer learning experience.
  • COACHING Coaching for leaders and/or workshop sponsors helps them play their roles effectively before, during and after the session.  This is often important in organizational initiatives and team-building.


Maintaining the momentum of the initiative is a critical factor in enjoying return on investment in any organization development, team-building, or personal learning experience.  An initiative maintained becomes a habit, a normal way of doing business, and then an organizational culture.

Your initiative may require any combination of follow-up sessions:

  • Follow-on session to build on skills, strategies, vision, practices, plans;
  • Coaching;
  • Integration of learning and/or plans into performance contracts, feedback sessions, performance evaluations, team charters, compensation, recognition, rewards, etc.;
  • Development of in-house facilitators and coaches;
  • Lunch time “brown-bag” learning sessions.


With HPCI, the design and delivery of all our services cultivates immediate, practical, lasting results.  Our sessions are interactive, energetic and fun, integrating the best principles of brain science and adult learning.

Our diverse team of facilitators, trainers and coaches acquired their skills as successful leaders in the real world.  Over the last 20 years, their work in the private and public sectors around the world has demonstrated their ability as world-class facilitators.

If you are looking to download information that is disconnected from organizational and team goals to passive students in a classroom, do NOT look to HPCI.

Our services are:

  • Facilitated, not taught.
  • Engaging and practical.
  • Energetic and fun.
  • Engaging for all senses and learning styles.
  • Geared to immediate application and long-term results.
  • Designed to address the needs and growth of the organization, the team and the individual.
  • Always and continuously adapted to emerging needs of participant(s) in the session.
  • Informed by state-of-the-art tools, methodologies, learning, and brain science.

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