Change & Transition

succeed-in-your-changes-and-transitionsLeading transitions for managers

70% of organizations fail in implementing their desired changes. Even the best leaders fail to correctly assess and manage the predictable phases and components of the hardware and software of change.

Our workshops offer immediately practical skills, strategies and tools for leaders of transitions of all levels and positions in organizations.

Managing transitions for employees at all levels

The pace of fundamental change is accelerating in the 21st Century. Multiple changes overlay the fundamental shifts.

In the past, only senior managers had to worry about managing our understanding, acceptance and commitment to change. Because of the speed and volume of transitions, we all need to develop skills and strategies to cope. This workshop offers exactly that!

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Take control of your own destiny or someone else will

“We are living in a time of continuous change and chaos. Sometimes it makes no sense. Often it doesn’t work. It is not always clear where we belong and what is expected of us. One thing for sure – each one of us has to find out what we want and how we will do it.”.

A workshop to feel in control again!

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Transition to management: The first hundred days

This workshop offers new managers an opportunity to reflect on the requirements and value-added of their new roles, to adopt key skills and strategies and to develop a plan to succeed in their first 100 days.

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