Training and Development in Skills, Strategies and Attitudes

HPCI actively involves the client and participants in our process:

  • We design and deliver workshops customized to the needs, functions, learning/experience levels, and current challenges of participants.
  • We have participants agree and prioritize, as a group, to their workshop outcomes.
  • We have them learn through experience and practise the skills.

We offer workshops that are delivered in a layered format over time to ensure even greater ROI and progressive integration into the practices and systems of the organization.

We offer training and development workshops that ensures enduring benefits by having participants:

  1. Reflect on present skills, strategies and attitudes – for self, others and the organization.
  2. Try on new behaviours and approaches through experiential learning in the workshop.
  3. Try out new behaviours in the real world between learning experiences.
  4. Integrate the practices and behaviours into the organization’s systems.

We offer sessions in English, French, in both official languages and in Spanish.

For your convenience, our wide variety of workshops has been grouped in the following categories:

  • Leadership and Management;
  • Team-Building;
  • Change and Transition;
  • Management Skills;
  • Customer Service;
  • Communication skills and Strategies; and
  • Performance Skills for Everyone.