What’s different about HPCI?

Participants in our workshops tell us our training workshops are fundamentally different from others they have attended.

They say we are:


We offer experiential learning and instant applications, plus reports of immediate results in the field.


We are inspired by a deeper understanding of why the techniques work based on the workings of the brain and the mind, and we inspire clients to see the self, the interviewee and the interview differently.


  • Our facilitators care about you and ensure that you learn the skills and are comfortable applying them. (They do much more than download information.)
  • Our analysts will not only tell you how your interviewee was deceptive, we will tell you how to get the whole story.
  • Our coaches will stand by you until you are satisfied with your results.


What else have our clients said?


Our philosophy

We believe …

  • That all personal and professional challenges are easier to solve once a person is aware of all internal and external resources one has at his/her disposal.
  • That simple approaches and techniques adapted to each individual work best in effecting change in behaviours.
  • That immediate application of skills and strategies ensures best results.
  • That an environment of teamwork which fosters success and achieves results.
  • That balance in all facets of life fosters energetic, creative and committed employees


Our commitment

Our commitment to clients is simple:
We will …

  • Model the behaviours.
  • Make the client an active player in setting the improvement objectives.
  • Respect the individual’s and group’s process of learning.
  • Facilitate significant changes in behaviour, for desired results.
  • Care about your personal, professional and organizational results.
  • Provide world class expertise.
  • Facilitate light and humorous experiences


How the HPCI Approach Compares

Traditional Approach

  1. Structured
  2. Theoretical
  3. Relevant one time
  4. Difficult to apply
  5. Largely off-shelf
  6. 90% lost within 30-days
  7. Trainer lead
  8. Five-years or more old
  9. Information-based
  10. Traditional learning
  11. 10% exercises
  12. Teach everyone the same

HPCI’s Approach

  1. Spontaneous
  2. Experiential
  3. Immediately applicable
  4. Simple, enjoyable
  5. Totally client-centered
  6. Memorable; immediate results
  7. Group facilitation
  8. Custom designed for each
  9. Skills-based
  10. Crafted to the individuals & modeled by facilitator
  11. Minimum 50% exercises
  12. Based on latest breakthroughs brain processes information.