Teams & Teamwork

When groups are required to work together they do not always behave as teams or maximize on their potential for great results.

Team-teamwork-professional-developmentAny intact team can:

  • improve their performance/working environment,
  • develop greater team productivity/better team dynamics,
  • mobilize the passion of the team/focus their energies strategically.

At HPCI, we develop tailored roadmaps for teams based on processes which include:

  • scientific diagnosis
  • self-assessments
  • interventions (skills training, coaching and/or facilitated issues resolution)

Our team diagnostic tools include the only objective, scientific tool predictive of your team’s performance and capable of precisely identifying key strengths and weaknesses (Dialogue Team).

The value of teamwork to meet the challenges of organizational demands in the 21st century has been clearly demonstrated. When asked by our managers to build a team, it is not always obvious.

Workshops outcomes

Our workshops offer employees from all levels an opportunity to:

  • Explore the distinction between working group and team; the nature of effective teams
  • Recognize the inevitable and predictable process groups experience
  • Recognize the 5 key result areas that assure the evolution of a working group
  • Avoid some of the most common traps of false agreements and groupthink.
  • Build better relationships by recognizing and adapt to personality types.
  • Develop skills of listening, assertiveness and persuasion
  • Adopt methodologies to facilitate and resolve conflict and solve problems.
  • Ensure that meetings are effective and efficient.

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