Make it Happen

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What can you expect from “Make it Happen”

  • A straightforward process to help you build, or rebuild your team after a merger, acquisition, reorganization or downsizing process
  • An easy-to-implement template to help the Team Leader or Project Manager who has just been promoted to leading a high-performance team
  • Numerous, simple yet highly effective tips and techniques to help you facilitate highly participative, input-driven team meetings and discussions resulting in higher levels of team motivation
  • A detailed set of coaching activities that can be implemented by you when faced with a demotivated and/or underachieving team

What Makes This Book Unique?

  • It outlines the skills and strategies in a format that is practical, easy to read and user-friendly
  • It is sequenced in a way that mirrors how a Team Leader should lead a team in the real world- build it, facilitate it & troubleshoot it
  • It contains simple, but powerful visuals to augment the text
  • It can be read in its entirety or by specific chapter depending on your specific needs


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