Leadership & Management

Organizations with a culture of strong leadership and effective management survive and thrive; the others may not.

management-coursesStudies show that anyone – not just the extraordinary few – can demonstrate leadership from anywhere in the organization.

Workshops outcomes

  • Be an effective leader.
  • Influence others with adaptive, assertive and persuasive communication skills.
  • Transition well from one level of leadership to the next.
  • Know when and how to delegate effectively.
  • Develop working groups into high performing teams.
  • Recognize and adapt to people’s personalities and communication styles.
  • Provide corrective and reinforcing feedback well.
  • Make decisions and solve problems effectively.
  • Know when and how to coach, counsel and mentor.
  • Document discipline effectively.
  • Cultivate motivation, employee engagement and retention.
  • Get best results from members of each generational group.
  • Become more proactive and manage time well.
  • Manage stress for self and the work place.
  • Know the nature of change; how and why organizations must constantly renew.
  • Help yourself, your team and your organization navigate transitions well.

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