Transforming potential into results since 1989

HPCI SolutionsWorking with leaders of organizations at all levels since 1989 has grown our capacity, resources and team members.
We have new success stories and new programs, and have started production of a series of CDs.

When asked what distinguishes us from other facilitators, trainers, coaches and organization development (O.D.) consultants, our clients said that we were:

  • Pragmatic
    • We offer immediate, customized, and tangible results.
  • Inspirational
    • We engage people with new perspectives, information, ideas, energy, charisma, and humour.
    • We inspire people to try new ideas, attitudes, and possibilities.
  • Caring
    • We care about our clients’ results and make sure we engage participants by continuously adapting to their needs and ensuring practical outcomes.

In response to clients’ advice, we have split our organization into two:

We look forward to working with you and to delivering practical results with the same high-energy, engaging, and bilingual processes that you have come to expect.

We hope to make a difference with you in your organization.

Let us know if the services described in this catalogue might help you create another success story with us.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us and let us design something specifically for you.

Please consult our catalogue for more information – Download our full catalogue