Human Connection: Connecting With Yourself

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What’s inside? Guided relaxation exercices and meditations.

  1. Introduction [2:09]
  2. First aid for panic, crisis, stress, anxiety and road rage. [4:05]
  3. Cultivating the relaxation response in yourself for better health, mood, concentration and memory. [7:14]
  4. Accessing your confidence and resources quickly, and balancing your energy through colour visualization. [14:20]
  5. Quiet time with your inner guide: learning to connect with and listen to your inner voice. [16:14]
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  1. Ponyboy

    KL,So you are saying we shluod actively engage in conditioning our minds in order to be happy?It is easy to say than done. Nevertheless, you gave me a clue on how to end the relationship with her through a ‘natural’ course even though this is not your intent.

  2. Chikis

    That’s an inventive answer to an insetetring question

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