Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation-assessment-customized-learningFor all of our services, we offer customized packages including preparation, delivery and follow-up.


  • Needs Analysis
    We analyze the learning needs of the organization, team, and potential participants, and then develop the right mix of learning experiences to meet those needs.
  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire Or Interviews
    We design, collate, and analyze pre-workshop questionnaires and conduct interviews.
    Low cost/high yield tools to:

    • Ensure that the session meets the needs;
    • Determine issues critical to the success of the workshop;
    • Identify important workplace or organizational issues to address.
    • Engage participants in the learning process before the workshop begins;
    • Use responses to ensure commitment and a sense of ownership in the workshop and workshop results;
  • Self-Evaluations
    In many cases, participants complete self-evaluations to focus on the portion of the learning experience that most effectively addresses personal, team and/or organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pre-Workshop Reading
    In some cases, pre-workshop reading material or online research prepares the participants for a richer learning experience.
  • Coaching for leaders and/or workshop sponsors helps them play their roles effectively before, during and after the session. This is often important in organizational initiatives and team-building.

Follow-up and follow-through

Maintaining momentum of the initiative is a critical factor in enjoying ROI in any OD, team-building, or personal learning experience.

An initiative maintained becomes a habit, a normal way of doing business, and then an organizational culture. Therefore, your initiative may require any combination of follow-up sessions:

  • Follow-on session to build on skills, strategies, vision, practices and plans;
  • Coaching;
  • Integration of learning and/or plans into performance contracts, feedback sessions, performance evaluations, team charters, compensation, recognition, rewards;
  • Development of in-house facilitators and coaches;
  • Lunch time “brown-bag” learning sessions.