In the past few years, we have increasingly provided more coaching to leaders at all levels of organizations in a variety of situations:

1. Coaching for growth

A coaching program where:

  • an agreement to achieve growth goals is reached;
  • self-evaluation and reflection benchmark present skills;
  • a flexible program of coaching is undertaken to address issues in the real world.

2. Coaching for event sponsors

We can provide coaching services to sponsor(s) of a facilitated event (such as a team-building session, a retreat, a consultation, a strategic planning intervention, or a problem-solving exercise, etc.).

The coaching session is provided prior to the meeting to ensure that the leader (sponsor) has an effective plan to follow up on the events of the meeting and that he/she plays his/her role well.

After the meeting, the coaching serves to ensure the desired results are achieved.

3. Coaching for mastering skills and strategies

We provide coaching or organize peer-coaching for participants following training workshops or programs.

Depending on goals and needs, coaching can range in length, structure, and complexity.

Coaching sessions can be delivered in English, French, or a bilingual format. We can serve you from our bases in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, or our coaches will work with on-line, on the phone or will travel to your location.